Rosenfeld Gallery

Gaza Canal, 2010, video, 9 min

21.05.2018 / harama

A Review on Tamir Zadok’s work- Gaza Canal

Keren Goldberg


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496Imstallation view (7)

14.03.2018 / haaretz

A review of Tamir Zadok’s solo exhibition ‘Art Undercover’

Miri Rozovsky


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15.11.2017 / Haaretz

A Review on Tamir Zadok’s exhibition “Art Undercover” (ENG)

Shaul Setter


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502Untitled_2009_Color photograph_103x129 cm

10.11.2017 / ARTFORUM

Tamir Zadok- Art Undercover

Chelsea Haines


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510The Man in the Suit_2017_Color photograph_33.5x50 cm

24.10.2017 / Haaretz

A review of Tamir Zadok’s solo show “Art Undercover”

Shaul Setter


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107Untitled_Libya, ca. 1940_digital print_115x90 cm

18.09.2017 / Calcalist

Tamir Zadok’s Solo show ‘Art Undercover’

Anat Barzilay


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