Rosenfeld Gallery

011Girls' Toilet_2017_Oil on linen_ֹ120x200 cm

12.09.2018 / calcalist

Interview with Zoya Cherkassky

Reut Barnea


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502Aliyah of the 90's, 2013_Oil on canvas_ 108x210 cm

17.03.2018 / Haaretz

A Review of Zoya Cherkassky’s solo exhibition

Vicki Idzinski


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525The Chemical Warfare_ Oil on canvas_100x150 cm

19.02.2018 / Art Break Out

A Review on Zoya Cherkassky’s Solo Exhibition at The Israel Museum


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512Jaffa D_2012_ Oil on canvas_150x200 cm

07.02.2018 / Portfolio

An Interview with Zoya Cherkassky about her Solo Exhibition ‘Pravda’ (HEB)

Hagit Peleg Rotem


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500 Friday in the Projects_2015_Oil on linen_200x270cm

30.01.2018 / Haaretz

A Review on Zoya Cherkassky’s solo exhibition PRAVDA (ENG)

Saul Setter


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513Lenka_2016_Oil on linen_50x40 cm

25.01.2018 / haaretz

A Review on Zoya Cherkassky’s exhibition by Shaul Setter (HEB)

Shaul Setter


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514New Victims_ 2016_Oil on linen_140x230 cm.jpg

05.01.2018 / haaretz

An interview with Zoya Cherkassky’s solo exhibition at The Israel Museum

Masha Averbuch


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zoya cherkassky, putch 120X150cm

03.01.2018 / ISRAEL HAYOM

Stereotypes in the Museum

Maya Cohen


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zoya cherkassky, putch 120X150cm

06.10.2017 / Haaretz


Shaul Setter


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Russian Fridge_2015_oil on linen_80x60 cm each

17.02.2016 / Calcalist

Still Life With a Russian Refrigerator (heb)

Dana Gillerman


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106The Tired Tailor_2014_oil on linen_140x170 cm

06.02.2015 / Haaretz

African migrants in Tel Aviv, with a touch of Matisse

Galia Yahav


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111Favour's Party_2014_Markers and watercolor on paper_15.5x20.5 cm

06.01.2015 / Erev Rav

Between amusement and a crying out political protest (HEB)

Alina Yakiravitch


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