Rosenfeld Gallery


11.10.2018 / haaretz

Seven Rituals to change the mood

Shaul Setter


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451Repeat After Me (detail)_2018_Video_21 minutes

01.10.2018 / tahu

On Magic, illusions amd tabletop tricks

Bar Yerushalmi


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06.09.2018 / Time Out

Karam Narour at Time Out TLV

Meital Raz


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509Repeat After Me Video

27.08.2018 / TELAVIVIAN

An Interview with Karam Natour about his solo exhibition “Repeat After Me”

Danielle Gorodenzik


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453Repeat After Me (detail)_2018_Video_21 minutes

25.07.2018 / calcalist

Artist Karam Natour returns to his Roots (Heb)

Reut Barnea


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24.12.2017 / Platforma

Karam Natour: Body Work Body (HEB)

Yael Lammfromm


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506IInstallation view

21.12.2017 / Haaretz

Shaul Setter about Karam Natour’s work “Nothing Personal”

Shaul Setter


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106You Missed The Point lll_2015_digital drawing_50x50 cm

28.09.2017 / Haaretz

Artists and Works that We Will Discuss this Year

Shaul Setter


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114Pinocchio As a Real Boy_2016_digital drawing_30x30 cm

01.04.2016 / Haaretz

Electricity in the Air (HEB)

Ouzi Zur


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