Rosenfeld Gallery

Born 1986
Lives and works in Tel Aviv

BFA in Photography from Bezalel Art and Design Academy in Jerusalem (2014)
Masters in Design at the Bezalel Art and Design Academy (2019).

Solo exhibitions
2019 Bezalel Photography Gallery (Jerusalem). “Anesthetic” Curator: Ilanit Konpny.
2018 Idris Gallery (Tel Aviv).”Still Early For Sunset”
2017 Rosenfeld Gallery (Tel Aviv). “Composing a Portrait” Curator: Adi Goldner.
2016 Gabirol Gallery (Tel Aviv). “Mothership/Tilon”.
2015 Gabirol Gallery (Tel-Aviv). “Two-way Mirror”.

Lecture performances
2020 Design Museum Holon “State of Extremes,” “Wearing Photography.”
2020 Edmond de Rotschild foundation “Costume party,” “Image: Prêt-à-Porter.”
2020 Bezalel’s Photography Department, Annual Conference on the Topic of Identity.
2019 The Van Leer Institute, Jerusalem Art Conference, “Wearing Photography.”

Group exhibitions
2020 Weizmann Institute of Science. “Eye contact” Curator: Yivsam Azgad
2020 Edmond de Rotschild foundation “Costume party” Curator: Studio89
2019 Hadassah Academic College (Jerusalem). “Point Cloud” Curator: Galit Shvo
2018 MOM ART SPACE (Hamburg).”Mixed Chromosome” Curator: Avi Lubin.
2017 MOCAK Museum of Contemporary Art (Krakow). “Poland-Israel” Curator: Mayyan shelf.
2017 Rosenfeld Gallery (Tel Aviv). “SUMMER 2017”. Curator: Adi Goldner.
2015 Rosenfeld Gallery (Tel Aviv). “Power of attraction”. Curator: Adi Goldner.
2014 Museum of Photography at Tel Chai.”Graduates of the Advanced Schools for Photography”
2013 BFA Program Graduation Exhibition (London), Slade School of Fine Art.

2015 Aharon Dovrat Excellence Award for Originality, Creativity, and Innovation
2014 Robert Schmilowitz Bromide Photography Award