Rosenfeld Gallery

hitler 55

04.07.2019 / Project Muse

Beyond the Local Discourse: Re-thinking the Israeli-Jewish “Hitler-wave”

Noga Stiassny


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015Installation view

21.02.2019 / Erev Rav

Weeping Willow |Boaz Arad

Maya Katzir


The Life (detail)_2015

06.02.2018 / haaretz

Boaz Arad- A Free Spirit, a Genius and a Stranger

Uzi Zur


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Boaz Arad_i hitler_2008

03.02.2018 / Haaretz

Boaz Arad: An examination of the possibilities of presenting the self

Shaul Setter


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108Untitled, 2017


Dana Gillerman about Boaz Arad’s exhibition

Dana Gillerman


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110Nature Movie_Video_(detail)

22.12.2017 / Haaretz

A Review on Boaz Arad’s Solo exhibition 1+0+1=2

Uzi Zur


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101Kinneret_2016_oil on canvas_60x50 cm

04.07.2016 / Haaretz

The drawing remembers (heb) 

Uzi Zur


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105Untitled_2016_oil on canvas_60x50 cm

27.06.2016 / Haaretz


Eitan Buganim


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11417813-1_2013_Drawing on paper_A4

13.12.2013 / Haaretz

Life according to Boaz Arad (HEB)

Ouzi Zur


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